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a little look back & an exciting view ahead

Well - this is the last day of the first year of our new firm, and it’s fitting we take a moment to reflect on our progress, acknowledge the support of our friends and clients, and look forward to some really exciting projects heading into the New Year. We couldn’t have gotten off to such an amazing start without the support of many friends, colleagues and clients – old and new – and for that, we thank you. Your faith in us and enthusiastic support mean the world.

In the span of the past 365 days we’ve worked on projects for Monotype, UCLA, a major university system in the Southeast US, started two projects for an Ivy League institution, designed websites for a landscape architect, an inbound marketing consultancy and an online event ticketing site for local independent school. We’ve worked with agencies from Virginia to Rhode Island teaching their teams new ideas in responsive design, more modern workflows, design processes, front-end development techniques and technologies, and generally how to be more nimble. We’ve even provided front-end development expertise and responsive design super-charging for companies like Lullabot, their client Martha Stewart Living and online list-building and marketing services-to-the-nonprofit-stars agency Gott Advertising. It’s not an exhaustive list, but an amazingly fun bunch of highlights.

In case we didn’t seem busy enough, I also spent time this year traveling from Providence to New York to Austin to Las Vegas and even as far as Sydney, Australia giving talks and teaching workshops on responsive design and web typography. Look for more articles and talks in the coming months both in print and online. I also started a new weekly online video podcast with colleagues Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin called Talking Drupal (which can be seen live in a Google Hangout, or later on YouTube or iTunes). 

We spent the last week of the year taking a bit of a break, and we’re getting ready to start the new year running with our latest university project and some fascinating work for a power grid monitoring service provider. We hope you’re all looking forward to an exciting new year – we look forward to hearing about it!