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An Evolution, of Sorts

After spending a few years working with the teams at Fresh Tilled Soil and Isovera, Jason has returned to independent work. He is now available for consulting, and looking forward to helping new clients and old with their toughest strategy, design and user experience challenges. If your team is in need of guidance or training on design process improvement, Responsive Design, or better brand expression and user experience through web typography, he is also available for customized workshops on-site. And as always, if you’re interested in having Jason speak at your event or to your organization, or if you would like to discuss project work, please . If you’re interested in Jason’s Responsive Web Typography site devoted to resources, slides, videos, and code samples, you should too.

Ellen continues on as Account Manger (with a healthy dose of client strategy) at , Tristan is now Performance Monitor in charge of our CouchDB (that’s the Couch Dog Bed), and Tillie is focusing her reducing instances of recursion by running around in circles in both directions.