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about us

H+W is a small* web design shop led by partners Jason Pamental & Ellen Diamond. We build websites using the best strategies to meet your design and technology needs. We also talk, travel, consult and write. 

*Small describes our square footage (~200 sq. ft.), our state (Rhode Island - tiniest in the Union), and our respective statures (5’8” and 5’2”); it does not define our work, or our clients. 

Jason Pamental

Jason Pamental is a strategist, designer, technologist, and author of ‘’ from O’Reilly and articles for publications and sites like Typecast,, .Net Magazine among others. Having worked on the web since 1994 in a range of capacities, he’s an overall web & typography nerd who specializes in being a generalist. Jason has led both creative and technical efforts for major universities, NFL and America’s Cup teams, Fortune 25 corporations and many others. He also co-founded , co-hosts a weekly web show called , speaks about design process and typography at conferences around the world (or pretty much anywhere people will listen), and follows around Turner Reservoir in the morning, posting photos on .

Interested in having Jason give a talk or workshop at your event or organization? !

Ellen Diamond

Ellen Diamond’s professional background has long been focused on client and project management. At Schoolyard, Ellen oversaw the development of over 30 independent school website projects, with primary responsibility for all discovery and information architecture work. She approaches all projects with an empathic, solution-oriented mindset, and a passionate appreciation for details. Prior to her recent indoctrination into the world of web design, Ellen had been ensconced in higher-ed development at Brown University. There she managed multiple volunteer efforts for Brown during their $1.6B capital campaign.

When not sheperding clients, Ellen is often found laughing, stealing hugs from her kids, avoiding dog walks, drinking coffee, and falling asleep in front of the tv (not all at the same time - the coffee would get everywhere).