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Identity: Nine Technology

Nine Technology wasn’t even Nine when we started working with them. In a series of collaboritive sessions we helped refine naming concepts, tagline, logo and brand identity. With the company being brand-new and with highly advanced technology it was important to provide a strong concept that felt both new and familiar. Strong typographical contrast is accentuated with bold color, underpinned with a subtle reference to the digital technology they provide. Rather than utilize a more-often seen reference to the “five 9’s” of reliability, we chose to incorporate a stylized rendition of the number 9 in binary format under the word itself. With that in place, we went on to design and build their web site, design conference collateral and even the UI for their backup software client. (As far as we know, their lead software engineer and the creator of their patented technology was the only person to get the binary number reference without an explanation.)

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