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Webcoffee Workshop: Responsive Typography

Sat, 01/24/2015

Web fonts have been around for a few years now, as has Responsive Web Design. But there are still lots of questions about performance, usability and consistency across browsers and devices. While there has been much written about how typography and RWD are connected, there is very little out there that tackles the challenges of using RWD type effectively.

This workshop will do just that: explore the world of web fonts and responsive type, what web fonts are, how they work and why you should be using them.

  • Discover the principles of Responsive Typography and how to use it in your workflow instead of fixed font sizes.
  • Discover the difference between ‘web safe fonts’ and ‘web fonts’, and why you might want to use each.
  • Discover how to implement web fonts in a performant way that doesn’t slow down the user experience.
  • Discover how to scale your typography based on device size and still convey the meaning and intent of the design.
  • Discover how to add polish and panache to your typography to enhance the user experience.


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