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From Sharpie to Sublime: A Responsive Design Intensive

Mon, 10/07/2013


Responsive web design is a big deal, and a very broad topic. We’re going to start early, go fast, and go from sketch to working web pages in a day. Bring your Sharpie, sketchbook and working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 (you don’t need to be an expert) and we’ll be off and running. We’ll cover the basics of responsive design (fluid layouts, flexible media and media queries) and then talk about advanced techniques and emerging standards for responsive images; and using web fonts, icon fonts and SVG graphics for more resolution-independent design. We’ll also cover emerging conventions in UI that will make your site better on small screens and even bigger ones. You’ll need your laptop, your favorite code editor, a few web browsers and lots of energy. It’s a lot to cover in one day, but by the end of it you’ll have built something tangible with lots of extra sample code to use in your own projects going forward. Even better - we’ll learn how to think responsively in the first place so your designs can take advantage of all this cool stuff you’re going to learn.

What You’ll Learn

  • What are the core elements of a responsive design and how to build them
  • How to deal with the Bandwidth Dilemma: get the right assets to the right device
  • Responsive Typography - what it means and why it matters
  • Emerging conventions: menus, icons, swipes and focus (& why they matter & when to use them)
  • How to think responsively & design responsibly (& what that means & why it matters)

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