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Design 4 Drupal: Web Typography, Drupal & Responsive Design

Sat, 06/22/2013 to Sun, 06/23/2013

Jason has been asked to speak about Web Typography and how to use embedded web fonts effectively. He’ll cover the general concepts in addition to more Drupal-specific issues and opportunities.

You can’t design ‘content first’ without good typography, but there’s more to it than just dropping in a line of Javascript or linking to some CSS. We’ll cover things like:

  • Font services vs. self-hosting (smackdown-style)
  • Where they work (and where they don’t)
  • Performance (and how to get more of it)
  • Icon fonts (even MORE resolution independence)
  • Mobile use (benefits and bear traps)
  • Fallbacks, FOUT & Freakouts (don’t present to clients without this)
  • Super Fancy (ff)eatures (ligatures & other Open Type goodness)

Don’t get me wrong - I _love_ web fonts and good typography - but it is still a bit ‘Wild West’ out there, so it pays to be prepared.



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