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change is good

It’s time. After two years (and another previous as a consultant), it’s time to wind down involvement with Schoolyard. While I’m sure I’ll still help from time to time, the platform  is in good shape (we’ve launched over 30 sites in just over 2 years, with nearly 20 more in various stages of evolution) and the team needs to have more room to grow and take on more challenges. Likewise, I need to grow as well.

Having spent many hours pondering the How and the Why, fitting the Height and the Width, and futzing with the Hoosies and the Whatsits — h+w has been born. 

I’ve got a number of exciting projects underway for clients as varied as a regional landscape architect, a ticketing solution for a local school, a corporate social responsibility project for a Midwest Blue Cross group, and a couple of really cool projects with superstar Drupal shop Lullabot. With all that, there will be lots to add to the ‘work’ section soon. Coupled with speaking engagements from Amherst to Austin and Sin City to Sydney, it’s already shaping up to be a really exciting start, and a very happy New Year.

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Good luck to you both. Site

Good luck to you both. Site is really lovely. We will be cheering you on.

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