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Little Big Time

We have some big changes to announce here at H+W, brought about by a lot of little realizations. Over the past two years we’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, that just doing great work is not enough to run a company. And running a company is hard. So we had a good think. And we had a lot of long talks. And came to a big realization: in order to do work that is really meaningful to us, we had to find places to do it and the team and culture to support it. Even if that means not working together (at least for now).

So it’s with a little bit of sadness but a great deal of excitement that we’d like to announce our new roles. Ellen will be joining Providence-based Oomph, Inc. as Project Manager (with a healthy does of client strategy input), and will be working with clients like NBC Sports, Zumba, Leica Geosystems and more. Jason will be taking the role of Lead UX Strategist at Boston-area experience design consultancy Fresh Tilled Soil, where he will work with clients like Harvard, Massport, and Rethink Robotics in a context that goes far beyond just the web. While it’s a bit bittersweet to not be sitting across from each other as we have over the past four years (at H+W and Schoolyard before), at the end of the day we’ll come back together knowing we’ve done work that matters. And we can leave the laptops in the bags.

Tristan (@aProperCollie) has entertained offers from both firms and will likely consult in alternating locations.